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Artificial Intelligence Powered Investment Strategies

Minimizing Risk while increasing returns.


Use a quantitative approach to establish trading positions based on signals generated by our platform. This allows for the selection of appropriate securities and leverage to obtain the desired exposure;

Provide exposure to the performance of the portfolios generated from systematic strategy by actively trading in a variety of asset classes. Portfolio opportunities are selected using rules-based, multifactor trading signals.

Seek to generate above average returns by targeting securities with high liquidity and diversified underlyings across indices, Index Futures, Index Options, Commodities and Foreign Exchange, and mitigate risk by hedging with either options or foreign exchange currency pairs. Risk is further mitigated by dynamic stop losses and trade time settings that are based on volatility and equilibrium prices assessed at the time of initial trades.

Jameson's Difference

 Our strategy is not predicting the direction of the market, but to protect and maximize its return regardless of market movement and changes.

Quantitative Sensitivity Analysis 

Taking an unbias approach to market direction allows the program to generate returns even during extreme volatility.

Black Swan Security

Our strategies include consideration for black swan events and extreme market moves.


Risk Mitigation & Hedging Strategies


We use our proprietary AI signals to enter a position.  We use human ingenuity to protect the position.  The result is analogous to buying a fully-leased building where we are protected regardless of the direction of the market.  If the market goes up, we have the option to sell (or continue to collect rent); if the market goes down, we are not adversely affected because we still have the rent to collect.