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About Us

Taking a hybrid robotic approach to trading the markets intelligently.

Jameson Asset Management harnesses the power of ground breaking developments in robotic, machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies to deliver a high performance asset management solution. Jameson Asset Management specializes in real-time assessment of market participants’ sentiment with adaptive decision support processes. This approach is setting new benchmarks in modern asset management platforms. The platform is super adaptive and highly responsive to sudden changes in the market environment. Pitfalls of human bias and ego are avoided resulting in consistent performance. Jameson Asset Management is designed to operate with minimal human intervention and offers a turn key managed account program solution.

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Why Choose Us?

At Jameson Asset Management we focus on best in class practices and cutting edge technology to grow and protect your assets.  You aren’t just an account, you are an individual with unique goals who deserves a tailor-made solution.

Our AI powered investment strategies are naturally responsive to changes in the market enviorment.